SuperBeam beam design software 2015 changes

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Release 4.62k, 22 Sep 2015

Just one small fix in this release: File, Close option didn't work in 4.62j

Release 4.62j, 24 Aug 2015

  • A new option, Misc, Steel Section Data, displays steel section data in tabular form.
  • A new preference, Default steel grade, has been added to the Config, User Setup dialog, Preferences page. This follows on from user feedback to the change in 4.62i making S355 the default grade instead of S275. This new option lets you select whichever you think most appropriate.

Release 4.62i, 8 Jun 2015

  • New steel beams and columns now default to steel grade S355
  • The Catnic and Catnic/IG box lintel script pages have been updated so as to reference the current Catnic range - BSD100/BHD100/BHD100 instead of CN5/CN6.

Release 4.62h, 14 Mar 2015

  • An additional preference has been added to the User Setup dialog, 'Invert bending moment diagram'. If you check this box positive bending moments are drawn below the x-axis
  • The splitter bar in the beam edit dialog, load page could be pulled down so far that the notes pane disappeared and could not easily be redisplayed - change made to limit how far the splitter bar can be used.
  • When using SuperBeam with a non English character set, saved projects could not be read back - change made to get round this problem.


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