SuperBeam 2014 changes

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Release 4.62g, 22 Dec 2014

  • Fix for bug affecting users using an external timber data file - see ReadMe for more information (most users use the internal default data so were not affected)
  • GL24c/GL24h glulam grades have been added (for glulam specify one of these rather than C24, left in for backward compatibility)
  • We have had a few reports of errors when printing to PDF. We have not been able to replicate these or identify a cause but have added additional error checking which should help identify where any problem is.

Release 4.62f, 17 Dec 2014

  • If you selected a glulam-specific grade (e.g. GL28c) for a glulam beam in the beam edit dialog this grade was shown on the section line but the calculation was carried out assuming C16 timber grade. The right grade properties were used if you saved and reloaded the project - fixed
  • In release 4.62e the Miscellaneous, Merge PDF files was inadvertently disabled - fixed
  • Derivation of K7 timber depth factor was incorrectly shown as 0.81+, corrected to 0.81x (BS5628 2.10.6)

Release 4.62e, 17 Nov 2014

  • PDF generation code has been changed so as to significantly reduce the generated PDF file size in most cases
  • RTF export didn't export font colours (now added) or font sizes (bug: all were set to the same size as normal - fixed)
  • In 4.62c the splitter bar on the beam edit dialog page that lets you adjust the proportions of the load grid and notes pane was not visible - fixed
  • Load diagram options dialog now has a separate tab for PDFs (note that the selected font size is not used: the size is determined at display/print time by by the diagram size)
  • Timber calculations now show how K7 depth factor is calculated and a description, e.g. (medium term) following the K3 value
  • Glulam calculation was not not always updated when changes made in load dialog
  • Glulam grades GL28c, GL28h, CL32c and GL32h have been added to the default timber data file.
  • Range check error was triggered if selected printer not available - fixed
  • The program 'Exit Y/N' dialog now adds a checkbox 'Don't ask again'.

There is no 4.62d

Release 4.62c, 4 Aug 2014

  • Beam and column load expressions can now be up to 24 characters long (was 20)
  • If you select S275 as the steel grade and a hollow section for a beam or column, a warning message is now displayed suggesting that you change the steel grade to S355
  • Bug fixed that stopped script beam notes being edited using script editor
  • MadExcept error reporting stopped working a few months ago - fixed
  • Minor cosmetic improvements

There is no 4.62b

Release 4.62a, 24 Jun 2014

  • The code that prints the various diagrams (beam loads, beam BM/SF, column load and timber post load positions) has been revised so as to (hopefully) overcome 'out of memory' errors reported by several users.
  • The beam web bearing and buckling check lines have been revised for greater clarity.
  • The program version/serial number watermark is now printed clear of the page heading - previously it could clash with text at the start of the last heading line.
  • This release is built with Delphi XE6 - this is a technical change that does not affect end users

Release 4.61c: 7 Apr 2014

  • On the beam edit load page you could move the slider so as to hide the load entry table. The degree of movement is now limited so this cannot happen.
  • A new option on the text page editor 'Link lines' joins and wordwraps consecutive non-tagged and non-ruler lines as has been the case for notes. See Miscellaneous, Latest Information page within program for full details.
  • The original WordStar-based tab ruler line in text pages (line starting with #, then filler characters with '>' and '<' at left and right aligned tab positions) is no longer supported. Use the newer (2009-) style of ruler line: line starts with '!' followed by a comma separated list of tab positions - negative is right aligned, +1000 centered, e.g. !10,1040,-70 sets a left-aligned tab at 10, centered tab at 40 and right-aligned tab at 70.


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