SuperBeam 2016 changes

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Release 7.02c, 7 December 2016

  • Beam loading diagram now stacks dead and live loads rather than the two hatches being overlaid.
  • Some changes made to stop expanded windows erroneously reverting to original size.
  • Size of steel column/timber post load diagram on printout has been increased

Release 7.02b, 30 August 2016

  • Library (standard notes) dialog has been made slightly wider. Standard load names grid column widths now dynamically resize depending on content.
  • Beam edit dialog, loads page, now always shows the notes header (add/use/notes dropdown/editor) - previously this was replaced by the loads footer when you clicked on the load grid which confused some users.
  • Fix for missing toolbar icons on some displays

Release 7.02a, 24 August 2016

  • Changes made to printing code to (hopefully) work around change made in Windows 10 August update which can trigger printer errors in previously working code. More here.
  • Various changes made to enhance program appearance, especially on hi-res displays.
  • Toolbar Add Beam button and Project Menu, Add Beam option each now display a menu which lets you select the beam type (loads, steel, timber or steel+timber). You can still change the beam type within the Beam, Edit dialog.

Release 7.01b, 25/28 June 2016

  • Bug fix: Selecting a standard load with a '!' in the load expression caused an AV error.
  • User Setup dialog, File Names and Locations page now includes an extra field showing the setup log file. Right-click to view this if you encountered any errors installing the program.
  • Jun 28 build: Fixes bug with window and dialog positions not being remembered

Release 7.01a, 7 June 2016

  • For clarity the Print dialog now shows the selected options and copy allocations in bold.

The .01 increase in release number is just to keep SuperBeam in step with ProSteel

Release 7.00g, 30 May 2016

One change in this release:

  • When changing section family in the steel check dialog, an AV error could be thrown if changing to a section family with fewer sections than the previously selected one - fixed

Release 7.00f, 25 Apr 2016

Changes in this release:

  • AV error when changing theme if open project includes OLE page(s) - fixed
  • Some flitch beam data fields not visible in beam edit dialog on some displays - fixed

Release 7.00e, 5/6 Apr 2016

Changes in this release:

  • A few (out of 300+) users of SB/PS7.00 have reported that an empty rectangle is printed where a beam loading or BM/SF diagrams should be. 6 April build includes reworked diagram printing code to try and fix this.
  • Ctrl+C removed as Copy to RTF shortcut so as to allow it to be used for copying text from dialog fields.
  • Further to some users reporting that the default dialog font is suboptimal, we have added an extra field in the fonts dialog that lets you select the font to be used. Note that choosing too large a font will result in text not fitting in the allotted space.
  • Use field content as file name on new project button in Project Details dialog didn't work - fixed
  • New button in timber post edit dialog lets you modify the member dimensions shown in the dropdown lists as for beams.
  • Various small UI improvements

There is no 7.00d

Release 7.00c, 22 Feb 2016

Three small changes following user feedback from 7.00a/b users:

  • Dialog font size increased slightly
  • Axis values and legend on printed load and BM/SF diagrams were unreadably small - fixed
  • In 7.00a we removed the default Enter [OK] and Escape [Cancel] key handling for modal dialogs. A new preference option optionally reinstates this.

Release 7.00b, 10 Feb 2016

  • Further cosmetic enhancements bringing SuperBeam into line with the just-released ProSteel 7.
  • For the tabs used in the beam, column and connection edit dialogs (and others) you can now choose the tab colours as before, or if you check the 'Use theme colours' checkbox in the Colour dialog the default colour for the current theme will be used.
  • Bug in 7.00a could leave LH side of calculations not visible - fixed.
  • In 7.00a if you chose one of the dark colour schemes the content of some dialogs (e.g. User Setup) was barely visible - fixed.

Release 7.00a, 14 Jan 2016

SuperBeam 7 installs alongside SuperBeam 4 (if you have it installed). Once SuperBeam 7 is running to your satisfaction, you can uninstall SuperBeam 4 if you choose using the Windows Control Panel.

  • New theme support - a new button at the end of the toolbar labelled 'RGB' lets you choose one of twenty colour schemes - the choice is yours. You can find a preview of the available themes on our website page
  • PDF generation now uses the Gnostice library as used in releases 4.58e and earlier. This produces smaller PDF files
  • Various technical changes - see readme file


Change log: Latest changes | 2017 . 2016 . 2015 . ... -2001