ProSteel 2017 changes

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Release 7.05a, 29 November 2017

  • Flange plate and end plate beam splices can now be added to a project as freestanding items. Previously you could only add splices to beams already added to a project. The new options calculate the moment and shear capacity of the splice. To add a splice, press the toolbar Add Connection button and select the required splice type and in the dialog that appears enter the splice details.
  • In the Beam Diagram Options dialog the Border Y/N checkbox has been replaced by a spin edit in which you enter the border width in pixels [dots], 0 for none.
  • Some small changes to connection calculations have been made and connection printouts now show more detailed working, particularly for shear resistance.
  • For angle cleat and end plate connections, the capacity of the supporting member web/flange is now checked. From this you can also easily calculate the capacity for a double sided connection
  • A project containing one or more OLE pages was marked as not saved on loading even though no changes had been made - fixed
  • Various small interface improvements
  • This release is built with Embarcadero Delphi Tokyo - this is a technical change that does not affect end users

Release 7.04b, 19 June 2017

Technical and minor user interface changes only

Release 7.04a, 11 April 2017

  • RTF (rich text format) output is now shown as a third output option in the Print dialog - previously it was implemented as a right-click option on item windows. You can now choose whether to copy the RTF to the clipboard from where it can be posted into another application or write it to a file (by default the last folder is used) and optionally load this into the program associated with RTF files (Microsoft Word on most systems).
  • For fin plates connections, the 'Green Book' [6.3(iii)] states that the fin plate or beam web thickness should not exceed 0.5d/0.42d (S275/S355). Up to 7.03a we showed a fail if the plate thickness or web thickness exceeded this limit - fixed.
  • If you change the section type (e.g. from UB to RHS) in the steel column edit diagram, the load position diagram is now updated.
  • Add/Use note buttons in edit dialogs could insert wrong text - fixed.
  • Error messages were triggered if you reduced item windows to below a certain size or minimized them - fixed.

Release 7.03a, 13/16 February 2017

Users whose activation key ends in H02-I12 can download this release using the Miscellaneous, Check Website for Updates option within the program. How to use the web updates facility

  • Four new themes have been added.
  • The Expand function has been reworked. A new checkbox to the right of the Expand button on the Project Manager toggles Expand mode.
  • For non-restrained steel beams, the end restraint conditions are now spelt out on the printout, e.g 'Compression flange laterally restrained. Nominal torsional restraint. Compression flange partially restrained against rotation on plan (0.85L)' rather than just the effective length factor being shown.
  • For steel beams with destabilizing loads, the printout didn't explicitly state that this was the case - note now added. This did not affect the calculations.
  • Various changes have been made to enhance the program appearance on very high resolution screens
  • A new option "'Check website for updates' option: show/hide" has been added to the setup program - the default is checked, but if you uncheck this box the Check website for updates option no longer appears on the menu. revised in Feb 16 build
  • This release is built with Embarcadero Delphi Berlin - this is a technical change that does not affect end users

Latest changes | 2017 . 2016 . 2015 ... -2001