Greentram beam design software

Using SuperBeam, ProSteel and EuroBeam's web update facility

Each of our programs is updated several times a year. The preferred way of obtaining updates is to use the web update facility to download new releases: this will work for as long as your update cover remains current (as determined by the last activation key you entered). Should you need a direct download link, we're happy to send you one on request.

Entering your activation key

Before running SuperBeam, ProSteel or EuroBeam, you need to enter an activation key, either when the program first starts or using the Miscellaneous, Enter Activation Key option. We send out activation keys by email. The activation key dialog looks like this:

Activation key dialog

Fill in each field with the EXACT details sent to you. If your business name is shown as being prefaced with 'the' enter this too. If your keycode has been sent to you by email you can block copy the email message text. When you do this the Paste button in the activation key dialog will be activated. Press it to automatically fill in the four fields.

Once you have entered the required data, either manually or by using the Paste button, press the Continue button. A message will be shown, confirming (or otherwise) that the key has been accepted. If it has not been, the reason is almost certainly because you mistyped something.

You do NOT need to re-enter the key when you install a new release on the same computer for as long as the key is valid. This is shown by the last three digits: 811=November 2008; 903=March 2009 etc. 2010 and later expiry dates use a letter to denote the year, A=2010 ... J=2019, K=2020 ... etc.

When you renew your update cover you will be sent a new activation key. You need to enter this to be able to download future updates

Getting updates

Wherever possible we will send emails to all eligible users when a new release becomes available, but you can check whether a later version is available at any time. You do of course need Internet access, and any firewall program must allow the application to access the Internet directly.

Select the 'Miscellaneous, Check Website for Updates' option . The following dialog will be displayed:

Download dialog

Once you are connected to the Internet, press the 'Check for later version' button. The program contacts our website to see whether a later version is available. If it is, details of it will be shown

Update download stage 2

The 'Save local copy as' field will be updated to show where the downloaded update will be saved, assuming that you decide to download it. You can change this if desired. Press the 'Download it now' button to start the download. The download progress will be shown:

Update download stage 3

Once the download is successfully completed a message is sent to us so that we know you have downloaded a newer version and we can update our records accordingly. A message window similar to the one below will then be displayed (the exact contents will of course depend on what you have downloaded). Press the 'Close' button and exit the program. You will see an 'Install SuperBeam 7.19j' (for example) icon on your Windows desktop: double click on it to install the new version. You can delete the icon once you have done this.

Update download info

Latest version not shown

Suppose we (for example) send you an email in late 2019 telling you that ProSteel 7.19j is available. You press 'Check website for updates' and the message comes back that 7.19a is the latest version. This happens when the activation key you last entered has expired: the system is showing you the most recent version that it thinks you are entitled to (as determined by the last activation key entered - see above). You will need to enter a current activation key to be offered the latest version. We send you updated activation key(s) when you renew your update cover.

If you encounter any other problems please let us know

We use ICS Our web update facility uses the ICS Internet Connection Suite components from Overbyte - our thanks to the author for making them freely available.