ProSteel 2014 changes

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Release 5.52g: 22 Dec 2014

  • A few users have experience errors when saving calculations as a PDF. We have not been able to replicate these or identify a cause but have added additional error checking which should help identify where any problem is.
  • In release 5.52e the Miscellaneous, Merge PDF files was inadvertently disabled - fixed
  • There is no 5.52f

Release 5.52e: 17 Nov 2014

  • PDF generation code has been changed so as to significantly reduce the generated PDF file size in most cases
  • RTF export didn't export font colours (now added) or font sizes (all were set to the same as normal - fixed)
  • Load diagram options dialog now has a separate tab for PDFs (note that the selected font size is not used: the size is determined at display/print time by the diagram size)
  • Range check error was triggered if selected printer not available - fixed
  • Splice calculation could give 'section not found' error on renumbering - fixed
  • The program 'Exit Y/N' dialog now adds a checkbox 'Don't ask again'.

Release 5.52c/d: 8/13 Aug 2014

  • Beam and column load expressions can now be up to 24 characters long (was 20)
  • If you select S275 as the steel grade and a hollow section for a beam or column, a warning message is now displayed suggesting that you change the steel grade to S355
  • Bug fixed that stopped script beam notes being edited using script editor
  • MadExcept error reporting stopped working a few months ago - fixed
  • Minor cosmetic improvements
  • 5.52d fixes a bug introduced into 5.52c - if you entered your own restraint positions for a steel beam in the edit dialog they were lost on pressing 'Apply'

Release 5.52b: 26 Jun 2014

  • Fixes a bug introduced into 5.52a that stopped connection drawings being printed

Release 5.52a: 24 Jun 2014

  • The code that prints the various diagrams (beam loads, beam BM/SF, column load positions, beam splices and connections) has been revised so as to (hopefully) overcome 'out of memory' errors reported by several users.
  • The beam web bearing and buckling check lines have been revised for greater clarity.
  • The program version/serial number watermark is now printed clear of the page heading - previously it could clash with text at the start of the last heading line.
  • This release is built with Delphi XE6 - this is a technical change that does not affect end users

Release 5.51c: 8 Apr 2014

  • A new option on the text page editor 'Link lines' joins and wordwraps consecutive non-tagged and non-ruler lines as has been the case for notes. See Miscellaneous, Latest Information page within program for full details.

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