ProSteel 2006 changes

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Release 5.30e, 4 Sept 2006

One small but very important fix: ALL USERS PLEASE NOTE :This affects beams extending as cantilevers only: If you entered a part UDL live load ending at R1 (i.e on the span only) or starting at R2 (i.e. on cantilevered part of the member only) the BM and deflection figures for the part load conditions DL|DL+LL DL+LL|LL were incorrectly calculated. The all loads applied calculation was correct. This release fixes this bug.

Release 5.30d, 6 July 2006

  1. When you first entered the beam load edit table you could not enter a load type until you had moved to another cell and back - fixed
  2. Selecting either of the beam diagram options gave a range check error - fixed

Release 5.30c, 29 May 2006

  1. Column load edit table would not allow the entry of more than one character in the load description column if the previously selected field was the load duration - fixed
  2. Moving items up and down using the Project Manager 'Move' buttons was s-l-o-w on larger projects - improved
  3. B/F on column edit dialog didn't work - fixed: note that you first have to press a load position button 'A', '1'-'4', to enable the B/F button.
  4. If the applied loads on a column generated a negative moment and you also entered a positive additional moment the signed values were added (i.e. the moment resulting from the applied loads was subtracted from the additional moment). The moment is now calculated by adding the absolute values of the two moments.
  5. Section name now shown on bearing page of beam edit dialog

Release 5.30b, 22 Jan 2006

  1. 5.30a load entry dialog dropped autocomplete on load description - reinstated
  2. 5.30a B/F dialog would no longer allow calculated load positions (e.g. L/2) to be entered - reinstated
  3. On steel page of load edit dialog effective length was not visible for restraint conditions 6 & 7 - fixed
  4. Bearing length correctly calculated but not shown in beam edit dialog - fixed
  5. Total load was printed twice - fixed

Release 5.30a, 16 Jan 2006

The key change is to the visual appearance of ProSteel, with new look menus and dialogs. The program should also run a bit faster too. The only change affecting calculations is that the total load is now explicitly shown on beam calculation sheets

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