ProSteel 2005 changes

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Release 5.20l: 5 August 2005

  • For a beam extended as a cantilever, if you selected 'Fully restrained' for the span any effective length factor entered for the cantilever was ignored and the cantilever was erroneously taken as being fully restrained - fixed
  • For beam to beam connections, connecting a small beam to a much larger one may not be possible within the 'Green Book' constraints used in ProSteel - cutting the required notch out of the supported beam would leave insufficient web to affix a plate with the required 0.6D length. Such cases are now explicitly flagged: before an error message stated that the plate was too short, and then when you increased it another message would then say that there was insufficient space to accommodate a plate of this length leaving the user somewhat confused!
  • Trying to create a PDF file when a file of that name is already open in a copy of Acrobat now triggers a more informative error message.

Release 5.20k: 13 June 2005

  • A new option, Project, Add item(s) from another project, has been added. When you select it you are asked to choose the project file from which items are to be copied. Once you've done this, the items in the selected project are listed. Check the one(s) that you wish to add to your current project, then press 'Add'. The item(s) are added to the current project.
  • When you use the B/F option to bring forward a beam or column load, the referenced item location/description is now used to form the load name rather than it being initialised as 'React B/F'. You can of course change this default name if desired.
  • Bug introduced into 5.20j caused wrong section to be selected from Steel Check dialog until you used the User Setup option - fixed
  • If you entered columns loads in the 'wrong' order, when they were sorted by the program load values could be copied incorrectly - fixed
  • When you selected the Print Project option the toolbar Edit button could be erroneously disabled - fixed
  • Reordering items in a project containing an OLE page prevented the page contents being printed until you saved and reloaded the project - fixed
  • Autosave setting was lost when manually saving a project - fixed

Release 5.20j: 27 April 2005

  • Fixes a bug reported by a handful of users that caused a 'List index out of bounds' error message when selecting Steel Check
  • Copy Load and Cut Load button placement corrected on column edit dialog

Release 5.20i: 25 April 2005

  • We have reinstated the option to choose channels sections in the column edit dialog.
  • A bug has been fixed that stopped you saving files where there was a period '.' in the file path

Release 5.20h: 18 April 2005

  • The key change is that checking of S355 cold-formed hollow sections (Corus trade name Hybox® 355) has been added. The section properties for cold-formed circular, square and rectangular hollow sections have been added to the AllSteel.dta file. Existing unaltered files will be updated when you install this update. If you have modified your copy of the file it will not be replaced unless you delete/rename it before installing this release.
  • This change now means that there are 16 section types available. Many users will never want to use some types (e.g. SFB/ASB or Euronorm sections). The Configuration, User Setup dialog now includes a set of check boxes which let you choose which section types are displayed in the beam and column edit dialogs.
  • The beam and edit dialogs will not now let you select ASB or cold-formed hollow sections if you have selected S275 grade steel as these sections are only manufactured from S355 steel. The column edit dialog now omits sections that are not generally considered suitable for use as columns: channel, ASB and SFB sections; cold-formed hollow sections cannot be selected if you have selected S275 grade steel.
  • The Steel Check section selection dialog now initially displays the selected section types only. A new 'Show All' button displays all the section types in the current steel file. As before you can list sections in weight or depth order; a new option 'Table order' displays the sections in ascending table order (e.g. showing all the 254x146 UBs or 150x100 RHS sections together).
  • Connection designs with one row of bolts only could cause error messages stating that the bolt row spacing could not be accommodated - fixed
  • Beam bearing plate calculations now include an extra line showing the calculation of the plate projection.
  • Where you add an additional moment to a column you can now give it a descriptive name, e.g. 'wind load'
  • An additional preference 'Ask before closing program' has been added to the Configuration, User Setup dialog Preferences page. If the box is checked you get the 'Exit Yes/No' confirmation dialog; if you uncheck the box this is skipped, though you will continue to be asked whether you wish to save any unsaved work.
  • The Configuration, Information screen now lists all the names and locations of all the files used by ProSteel

Release 5.20g: 10 January 2005

  • This release improves the handling of projects containing large numbers of items. The Project Manager did not always display the selected item if you had scrolled a long list to bring the required one into view - fixed. In addition you can now select how many windows are shown when you press the 'Tile All' button from a new field in the 'User Setup, Preferences' dialog. If the project contains more items than this, pressing the button repeatedly displays the next lot of items - e.g. if you have chosen to tile 20 windows and there are 50 items in the project, pressing the Tile All button repeatedly now displays 1-20, 21-40, 41-50 and then 1-20 again.

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