ProSteel 2010 changes

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Release 5.41c, 9 Nov 2010

  • Calculations for steel columns with moments where the section was selected by the program added a Member fails in combined compression and bending error message even when this was not the case - fixed
  • Number of standard load descriptions increased from 20 to 40 following a user request. Reminder: to reorder entries in the drop-down list, select Configuration, Standard Loads and Notes, and in the load name table drag the row numbers up or down to achieve the desired order.
  • The recently opened files list has been moved from the end of the File menu to a submenu accessed by File, Reopen

Release 5.41b, 27 Oct 2010

  • Beam edit copy bearing details now only functions if R2 bearing type is set to padstone or bearing plate. Unreinforced padstone setting is now copied for padstones.
  • Printing a connection calculation to a PDF with the 'include diagrams' box not checked gave a Modern font not found error - fixed
  • Top of beam-beam connection drawing could be clipped when printing - fixed
  • Print Project add/remove dialog didn't show description for connections - fixed
  • The Page Heading editor adds options to export and import heading templates. These options are for use when you install SuperBeam or ProSteel on a new computer and save you having to recreate the heading from scratch

Release 5.41a, 5 Oct 2010

  • The 0.01 version number change is because this release is built with Delphi XE - this is a technical change that does not affect end users
  • Trying to move an item above the top of the item list in the Project Manager caused an AV. Fixed
  • Certain text on printouts could be misaligned. Fixed.
  • Print Project edit dialog did not list columns correctly. Fixed
  • Use/Add Note buttons in edit dialogs were not always appropriately enabled/disabled. Fixed
  • F5 removed as zoom hot key (use F8 Expand)
  • Several small visual tidy-ups

Release 5.40k, 16 June 2010

  • Flange plate splice dimensions were clipped or missing on splice printout drawing.
  • M30 bolts have been added as an option for connections and beam splices. This follows a user request; in most cases using such large bolts will not be a good option given the amount of connected material removed and the large spacing and end/edge clearance required.

Release 5.40j, 24 May 2010

  • The Project Details dialog has now been enhanced so you can choose one of the four project fields as the filename on new projects.
  • Twin or triple steel beams are now correctly identified in Project Manager as such
  • Zero values on beam splice data are now reset to sensible defaults
  • The last steel column edited serves as the default when a new one is added; if the last one had a checked section, the check was carried over but not the section size.
  • Entering a number with two decimal points and no operators in a calculated field (e.g. 2.3.4) caused a lockup, now correctly handled
  • Calculator erroneously stripped trailing zeroes if set to 0 decimal places; the fixed version adds a 5 decimal point button to make it obvious which version you have
  • PDF margins can now be set independently of those for the current printer (separate tab on Configurations, Page Layout dialog
  • Export to EuroBeam file improved (the first release of EuroBeam is now available to ProSteel users with current update cover)

Release 5.40i, 2/4 Feb 2010

  • IMPORTANT: Bug fixed that could gave incorrect results with angle cleat and fin plate connections: In releases 5.40c-5.40h the bolt bearing resistance of the supported beam web was incorrectly calculated (too high x1000) so if this was the critical element of the connection, its strength would be overestimated. If the bearing resistance of the cleats/fin plate or the shear capacity of the bolt group was the limiting element then the calculation was correct.
  • Auto o.w. bug: if you selected 'Auto o.w.' and the o.w. entry was not the first entry in the load table, the load data could be corrupted if you saved and reloaded the project or copied and pasted the beam - fixed
  • Print Page Heading only returned a blank sheet with no heading - fixed
  • If you changed a Project Text page to a User Text Page or vice versa, the menu options were not updated - fixed
  • The beam and post load edit dialog positions were not remembered when you closed them - fixed
  • Connection printouts now show some additional working

Release 5.40h, 11 Jan 2010

  • This release fixes a bug in earlier 5.40 releases that caused a crash on printing if you had selected cm. as the dimension unit in Configuration, Page Layout.
  • If you selected 'padstone' as the bearing for one or both ends of a steel beam and entered '0' as the height, its value was changed to '5' and this appeared on the calculation sheet. '0' is now accepted and should be entered where you do not want the height shown on printouts or where it is not being calculated by reference to a 45 degree spread from the stiff part of the beam (e.g. you are using a reinforced padstone).
  • In parallel with the ongoing development of our new EuroBeam program, the File, Export to EuroBeam file code has been extensively revised. Exported files from 5.40d-g will not be readable by the release version of EuroBeam. Hopefully the EuroBeam file specification is now fairly firm, but it is possible that we will need to further revise it.

5.40g was a debug version made available to a few selected users only.

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