ProSteel 2003 changes

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Release 5.10i: 18 October 2003

This fixes a bug in 5.10g/h that caused an error message when attempting to check a small SFB section (one of those with a Buckling Parameter of 0)

Release 5.10h: 10 October 2003

This fixes a bug in 5.10g that could cause an activation violation error when attempting to edit column data

Release 5.10g: 4 October 2003

SFB (Slimflor Fabricated Beam) and ASB (Asymmetric Beam) sections have been added to the steel data file and can be used for beam design though in most cases they will not be the optimum sections. The former comprises a UC section with a plate projecting 100mm either side welded on to the lower flange. The latter is a rolled I section with the bottom flange 110mm wider than the top flange. Both are intended for use with metal deck composite floors (the pressed steel decking rests on the lower flange). Note that ASB sections are available in S355 steel only (at a later date we will refine the steel data file so as to identify those sections which are only available in S275 or S355). The new AllSteel.dta file has been given a date of 17.10.01 so it will replace the previous file (dated 16.10.01) but not any data file you have modified.

Release 5.10f: 24 September 2003

This fixes one bug: - if you deselected 'Reload last project' you could get an 'error 103' message on starting the program under Windows 98

Release 5.10e: 1 July 2003

  1. At the request of several users the maximum lengths of the beam and column load fields have been enlarged (previous maxima in brackets): load name: 24 (20); load w1, w2: 20 (14); beam load start and end positions: 14 (11). Columns are now resized dynamically to suit to suit the column contents. Please note though that there is a limit to this: unless you use a very small or condensed font you will not be able to put the maximum text width in every column without the columns running into one another.

  2. The Screen Fonts and Printer Fonts dialogs have been combined into one with two pages. You can now select the line spacing and blank line size (as percentages of the font's default line spacing) so you can choose whether to go for a tighter spacing to fit more on screen or on an a page, or a more open spacing for greater readability.

  3. The Page Heading Template dialog has been enhanced. The names given to the %1-%4 project fields are now shown. You can now drag any of the % parameters from this panel and drop them onto table cells. The font selection button whose font is used for the currently selected cell now has its number in bold text. We have added small buttons to the right of each font name which let you change the font (you can still double click on the font name as before).

  4. We have made a small change to the autosave code to (hopefully) stop crashes when it cuts in at the wrong time.

  5. Bug fixed that lost twin/triple beam flag when saving

Release 5.10d: 7 May 2003

  1. If you changed printer within the print dialog the program might crash - fixed

  2. If the 'Create backup when saving' box in the User Setup dialog is not checked, you are no longer asked for a confirmation before the previously saved copy of the project file is sent to the Recycle Bin

Release 5.10c: 1 April 2003

This fixes several minor bugs mainly connected with the new column load handling introduced in 5.10a. The changes in this release follow those in SuperBeam 4.25c: there is no ProSteel 5.10b

  1. Changing a column load name didn't enable the Apply button - fixed

  2. Pressing the column load edit dialog Undo button didn't refresh the table (underlying values were restored) - fixed

  3. Checking or unchecking the 'Extends above' button in the column edit dialog did have the desired effect, but on occasions the note re proportioning of moments would be printed when it was not applicable and not actually done -fixed

  4. The 'Extend above' setting could be applied when reading back a project although this box was not checked when the project was saved - fixed

  5. You could not enter a negative additional moment on a column - fixed (note that load offset positions 1 & 3 are assumed to generate a positive moment; 2 & 4 a negative moment)

  6. When you first started the program, if you were very quick you could end up with the contents of two projects being merged - fixed

  7. For Euronorm sections (IPE/HE) the rolling weight is now shown after the section name

  8. We have also tightened up the line spacing on printouts slightly so in some cases a calculation that previously took two sheets will now fit on one.

Release 5.10a: 10 March 2003

This release has been a long time coming but we hope you think the wait was worth it. The changes - details also available as a printable PDF file (download) - are as follows; those marked with an asterisk have been made since the 5.1 manual was printed:

  1. Column load entry has been completely revised. You now enter loads in a table, much as for beams, and can give loads descriptive names,

  2. *The eight section type limit has been increased to 12. A new ALLSTEEL.DTA file (dated 17.10.01 so as to replace our earlier file dated 16.10.01, but not any data file you may have edited) includes section properties for Euronorm IPE (narrow flange) and HE (wide flange) I sections, also for RHS sections bent about their minor axis (i.e. larger dimension horizontal) - the last are denoted by 'RHS*'.

  3. *The beam and column load entry tables now show alternate rows in two different colours. These can be changed from within the Configuration, Colours dialog.

  4. The connection checking routines have been heavily reworked using the 2002 'Green Book' and the printouts are more detailed than before.

  5. *When you start a new project you are asked for the project details and a file name. A new message box is then displayed telling you that you add beams and other items to the project using the toolbar buttons: check the checkbox to stop this being displayed in the future (it is there to assist new users of the program)

  6. *The Project Details dialog now contains an extra field containing the project start information (which is printed at the top of the Project Summary) so you can change this if desired

  7. *The Print Project dialog is now resizeable. You can now select multiple items with [Ctrl]+mouse click before pressing the appropriate button

  8. The Configuration, User Setup dialog now includes a button which deletes the currently selected heading template. Please note that this process is not reversible.

  9. A new Configuration, Information option shows you the current program setup and file locations, which may be helpful if you are encountering problems running the program

  10. PDF files produced by the program can now be merged with other non-protected PDF files if you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat (the full version, not just the free reader)

  11. On a beam extended as a cantilever, shear was not checked at the root of the cantilever - fixed

  12. The printouts for stiffened web openings said that the centre of the stiffener was assumed to be 8mm from the edge of the opening; this was not correct: the assumption made in the calculations is that the face of the stiffener nearest the opening is 8mm from the edge of the opening. We have corrected the description: the numbers are unchanged.

  13. Where a column had equal and opposite beam reactions bearing on, the fact that there was no net moment was taken as implying that the column was axially loaded only and the reactions were ignored - fixed

  14. *The Project Manager 'Move up' and 'Move down' buttons do not do anything if the result would be to move an item above one whose data it accesses

  15. We have made a number of changes which make the program run faster

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