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The books listed here are ones that we have bought and found useful. Prices, where given, are for guidance only and may have changed since. In some cases the books listed below will have been superseded by later editions.

For Eurocode-related books please see the separate list on our EuroBeam website

British Standards and Building Regulations are not included in this list. BRE publications are available from brepress.comThe full text of all recent Acts of Parliament and Circulars can be found on the HMSO web site. Approved Documents can be downloaded from the Planning Portal web site.

General structural design

Book coverStructures for architects

Bryan J.B. Gauld, pub Longman, Third edition 1995 ISBN 0-582-23658-4 £27.34 167 pages

To quote the blurb on the back cover: ".. a basic introduction to the structural problems encountered by the architect, surveyor and builder".

Five chapters on basic structural design, followed by one each on timber, steel, brick & block, reinforced concrete beams, and a brief discussion of Eurocodes.

Given the length of the book these topics are not covered in any depth (for example steel design is based on safe load tables) but anyone who has not had formal training in structural design will probably find this book useful. Available from Amazon


Book coverStructural Engineer's Pocket Book

Fiona Cobb, pub 2008, Butterworth-Heinemann, ISBN 0-7506-8686-3, £19.99, 335 pages

"All my colleagues stare at this book with wonder and keep asking me where they can get it from - and these guys are experienced engineers - enough said!" - a user comment on Amazon

The title says it all really: not a textbook, but a source for conversion factors, design data, weights of building materials, typical loadings, formulae etc with chapters on foundation, steel, timber and concrete design (including the most useful tables from the corresponding BS's) Available from Amazon


Structural Elements Design Manual

Trevor Draycott, pub. 1991 Butterworth-Heinemann, ISBN 0 7506 0313 5 £17.99

A very useful book giving simple, easily understood explanations of designing elements in steel (BS5950), concrete (BS8110), timber (BS5268) and masonry (BS5628). There is a general section explaining basic principles on loading, theory of bending and the like. Recommended by David Ryland. The latest revision is based on Eurocodes - see the book page on our EuroBeam website.


Steel design

Book cover Introduction to Steelwork Design to BS5950-1:2000

A.G.J.Way & P.R.Salter, pub Steel Construction Institute, 2003 ISBN 1-85942-141-5 186 pages £45.00

We would strongly advise all ProSteel users to get a copy of this book. Clear explanations and excellent presentation.


Book coverSteel Buildings

British Constructional Steelwork Association publication 35/03, November 2003 ISBN: 0 85073 043 0 260 pages £40.00

Not a textbook, but contains thematic chapters by experts in their fields on subjects such as design, connections, bolting, welding, fire protection and much else.

In the last 46 pages Alan Watson gives a wonderfully detailed account of the developing use of structural steelwork in Great Britain (and further afield) starting with the ironmasters of the 1700's and ending with Canary Wharf.


Book cover Guide to the Major Amendments in BS5950-1:2000

M.Heywood, pub Steel Construction Institute, 2001 ISBN 1-85942-131-8 84 pages £46.00

The title says it all. A concise guide to the key changes made to BS5950 in the 2000 edition.

Book cover Design of Structural Steelwork to BS5950 and EC3

W.M.C.McKenzie, pub Macmillan, 1998 ISBN 0-333-71579-9 286 pages £22.99

A very good general guide to steel design, finishing with a chapter on Eurocode 3. Note that tables from BS5950 are not included. Order online from the Internet Book Shop


Book cover Structural Steelwork: Design to Limit State Theory

T.J.MacGinley & T.C.Ang, pub Butterworth-Heinemann Second edition 1993 ISBN 0 7506 0440 9 £18.95

A general textbook on structural steelwork with good coverage of beam and column design. Detailing and practical considerations are also covered. Simple computer programs for steelwork design are included, but we don't think they'll put us out of business! Order online from the Internet Book Shop


Book cover Joints in Steel Construction - Simple Connections

Often referred to as the 'Green Book'

SCI/BCSA ( online shop), 2002, reprinted 2012, ISBN 978-1-85942-072-0 £70.00, 490 pages

ProSteel connection routines are based on the material in this book and if you use them you should have a copy.

A discussion on the benefits of using standardised connection details is followed by chapters on double angle web cleat, flexible end plate and fin plate connections, column splices and column bases. The discussion in each chapter is followed by worked examples.


Book coverSteel Designers' Manual

Fourth edition: Constrado, pub Crosby Lockwood & Son, Fourth edition (revised) 1983, reprinted 1990 by BSP Professional Books ISBN 0-632-01916-6 £22.50, 1081 pages

A comprehensive guide to steelwork design using BS449. Treat the tables with caution as they do not include the later amendments to BS449

Fifth edition: Steel Construction Institute, ed. Graham W. Owens & Peter R. Knowles, pub Blackwell Science, Fifth edition 1992, reprinted 1994 ISBN 0-632-03877-2 £29.50 1266 pages

Rewritten using BS5950 and BS5400. Some very good new background material on subjects like fabrication, erection, corrosion resistance, fire protection and Building Regulations requirements.


Book cover Steelwork Design Guide to BS5950-1:2000 - Volume 2 - worked examples

The Steel Construction Institute, Publication P326 2003 ISBN 1-85942-142-3

Exactly what it says - 23 worked examples, starting with a simply supported beam and finishing with stiffened plate girder



Timber design

Book cover Timber Designers' Manual

E.C.Ozelton & J.A.Baird, pub Blackwell, Third edition 2002 ISBN 0-632-03978-7 540pp £87.50

When it comes to timber design, this book is it. Includes general sections on the design of beams and columns, and a lot of non-structural advice on topics such as designing for fire resistance and durability and introduction to Eurocode 5. Available from Amazon


Book cover Design of Structural Timber

W.M.C.McKenzie, pub Macmillan, 2000 ISBN 0-333-79236-X 286pp £28.99

The first 58 pages of this book consider the general principles relating to structural design of beams and columns. The following sections cover beam and column design, fixings and a detailed chapter on Eurocode 5. Note that tables from BS5268 are not included. Available from Amazon

Book cover Structural Timber Design

Abdy Kermani, pub Blackwell Science, 1999 ISBN 0-632-05091-8 268pp £22.50

This book is based on BS5268 1996, with the May 1997 amendments. In addition to basic beam and stud design it includes 40 pages on glulam, 20 pages on the design of ply web beams, a lot of information on connections and a detailed chapter on Eurocode 5. Tables from BS5268 are included.

We'll pretend not to notice all the references to using MathCad to produce your calculations! Available from Amazon


Masonry design

Book cover Design of Structural Masonry

W.M.C. McKenzie, pub Palgrave 2001, ISBN 0-333-79237-8 £28.99 260pp

A subject we often get asked about. Like the author's books on steel and timber, this is an excellently presented book with lots of diagrams and worked examples. Contains all of the tables from BS5628 likely to be needed by SuperBeam/ProSteel users. Also includes a section on Eurocode 6. A pity about the abysmal index though. Available from Amazon


Book cover Structural Design of Masonry

Andrew Orton, pub Longman, Second edition 1992 ISBN 0-582-09101-2 £23.00 157pp

Another excellently presented book with lots of hand-drawn diagrams, worked examples and all of the tables from BS5628 likely to be needed by SuperBeam/ProSteel users. Out of print - if you can find a used copy at a sensible price buy it!


Book cover Manual for the design of plain masonry in building structures

Institution of Structural Engineers, pub SETO, First edition 1997 ISBN 1-874266 34 4 £15.00/£25.00 members/non-members 76pp

Produced by an IStructE working party to give guidance on the design of unreinforced masonry in structures of up to four storeys. An A5 paperback which covers the subject thoroughly in a fairly formal style; the diagrams and tables are reproduced from BS5628. (SETO, 11 Upper Belgrave Street, London, SW1X 8BH ; 020-7235 4535)



Book coverA Practical Approach to Planning Law

Victor Moore, pub Blackstone, 8th edition, 2002 ISBN 0-19925-595-4, £28.95

A short history of the planning system, followed by very readable and comprehensive coverage of the law relating to development plans, planning applications and appeals, enforcement, conservation areas and listed buildings, advertisement control etc. Includes summaries of hundreds of pertinent court cases and the full texts of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order (SI 418) and the Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995 (SI 419). A truly excellent book. Available from Amazon


Blackstone's Statutes on Planning Law

Hughes & Moore, pub Blackstone, 3rd edition September 2000. ISBN 1-84174-094-2, £19.95, 560pp

Contains all the principal legislative material required by students of planning law. The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is given in full, together with the associated legislation on listed buildings and main subordinate legislation. Available from Amazon