Problems installing Greentram beam design software

- Why is my activation key being rejected?

Entering activation key data

You will only be able to run non-demo versions of SuperBeam, ProSteel and/or EuroBeam after entering your name, email address (where required), program serial number and program activation key.

The required details for the program(s) you have current update cover for will be emailed to you or will be printed on a label or mailer sent to you with disk copies. This data must be entered EXACTLY as printed. If the Email address entry says leave blank do not enter your email address even if you have one.

Key validity is shown by the last three characters YMM (A=2010 ... K=2020, L=2021, M=2022 ...). You need a key whose validity is the same or greater than the program release date.

Activation keys supplied to you are for your use only and must not be disclosed to any other person

If your activation key isn't accepted ...

... it's probably because of one of the following: