SuperBeam 2005 changes

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Release 4.40l, 6 Sept 2005

  • Pressing the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons on the Project Manager worked correctly but would select a random item on projects containing OLE pages - fixed.
  • Reordering items in a project containing an OLE page prevented the page contents being printed until you saved and reloaded the project - fixed
  • Long notes in the Project Summary could be displayed incorrectly - fixed
  • The Project Summary reference to a timber post/stud showed the grade twice, e.g. 'C16 C16' -fixed
  • Autosave setting was lost when manually saving a project - fixed
  • When you selected the Print Project option the toolbar Edit button could be erroneously disabled - fixed
  • If you try and print to a PDF file and a file of the specified name is already open (most likely in Acrobat Reader) you now get a meaningful error message.
  • When you use the B/F option to bring forward a beam or column load, the referenced item location/description is now used to form the load name rather than it being initialised as 'React B/F'. You can of course change this default name if desired. Note that load names can be up to 24 characters long though not all are visible in the load edit dialogs
  • If you entered columns loads in the 'wrong' order, when they were sorted by the program load values could be copied incorrectly - fixed
  • If you started to enter a timber width starting with '2', '3' or '4' (e.g. '200') the number of sections was incorrectly automatically changed to this number - fixed
  • You can now give a descriptive name to the additional moment on a timber post/stud

Release 4.40k, 3 May 2005

  • A new option, Project, Add item(s) from another project, has been added which does just this
  • The Configuration, User Setup, Preferences dialog page now includes a set of check boxes which let you select which section types are displayed in the beam and column edit dialogs. Use this to hide section types (e.g. Euronorm or ASB/SFB) that you will never use
  • The Steel Check section selection dialog now includes a new option 'Table order' which displays the sections in ascending table order (e.g. showing all the 254x146 UBs or 150x100 RHS sections together). The dialog now remembers the selected section when you change the sort order or section type.
  • An additional preference 'Ask before closing program' has been added to the Configuration, User Setup, Preferences page. If the box is checked you get the 'Exit Yes/No' confirmation dialog as before; if you uncheck the box this is skipped.
  • The handling of projects containing large numbers of items has been improved.
  • The Configuration, Information screen now lists all the names and locations of all the files used by SuperBeam

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