ProSteel 2018 changes

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Release 7.06b, 17 November 2018

Changes in this release:

  • Changing a beam type from Loads Only to Steel (or vice versa) didn't function correctly - fixed
  • Following the latest Windows 10 update, some printers now will not print jobs that do not have a name. ProSteel didn't previously assign names to print jobs but now does.

Release 7.06a, 12 October 2018

  • IMPORTANT FIX: Releases 4.55-7.05 sometimes incorrectly calculated the bending moment arising from variable loads (load type 'V') on a true cantilever (span=0). If you have any projects with such members, a recheck is advised
  • Steel beam and column calculation sheets have been redesigned with the calculation now being broken up into sections: Shear, Bending etc.

Release 7.05e, 12 September 2018

  • Fixes bug introduced into 7.05d which led to some data entered into load entry grids being lost
  • Sundry small user interface and calculation presentational changes

Release 7.05d, 27 August 2018

Owing to problems with grid load entry this release was withdrawn on Sept 4th and 7.05c temporarily substituted.

  • Bug fixed that caused splice drawings to be incorrectly placed within text
  • Various small improvements to connection drawings
  • BM/SF & Load diagram PDF border width was lost on exiting program - fixed
  • Connection and splice drawings are now optionally given a border (as determined by border width figure in beam diagram options dialog - set to zero if you don't want a border).

Release 7.05c, 3 April 2018

  • The revised beam flange plate splice checking from 7.05a omitted OK/Fail markers for the splice moment capacity - fixed
  • Paste option removed for OLE pages
  • Sundry small user interface and calculation presentational changes

Release 7.05b, 5 February 2018

  • Fin plate connections designed in accordance with the 'Green Book' require a bolt end/edge clearance of 2d min. This was correctly checked by ProSteel but if the check failed the error message stated that the fail was because a clearance of 1.25d had not been provided - fixed
  • Beam load/BM/SF diagram and connection/splice drawing border width is now entered as a value (in pixels) rather than yes/no checkbox (enter 0 for no border)
  • If Auto o.w. was checked for a beam extended as a cantilever, the program could hang if particular span values were entered - fixed
  • Data entry grids (beam loads, column loads, page heading etc) now use current theme colours
  • Further UI improvements

Latest changes | 2018 . 2017 . 2016 ... -2001