Greentram beam design software

- Installing SuperBeam, ProSteel or EuroBeam from a CD

Load the CD into your CD drive. If Autorun is enabled, inserting the disk will (after a short pause) start the CDsetup program and the screen displayed here will appear. If it does not, double click on the 'My Computer' icon on your Windows desktop, then on the CD drive and then on the CDSetup file to start the program. You should see the following installer screen. Click on the tab relating to the program you want to install:

CD installer

The versions of the programs on the CD and those already installed on your computer are shown. If the CD version is newer than your current version its version will be shown on a green background (if you have more than one of our programs it may be that only one has been updated since we sent you your last disk).

You will only be able to install SuperBeam, ProSteel and/or EuroBeam if you enter your name, email address (where required), program serial number and program unlock key. The required details for the programs you have current update cover for will be printed on a label or mailer sent to you with the disk and should be entered EXACTLY as printed. If the Email address entry says leave blank do not enter your email address even if you have one.

Once you have entered the correct information for each program the button on that row will be enabled. Before continuing check that the destination directory and Start Menu group are correct: if not make any necessary changes. Then press the 'Install' button to install the corresponding program. Once the installation is complete you have the option of exiting from the CDSetup program or installing further programs.

Free program: The calculator is a standalone version of the calculator included in our other programs.

The activation keys supplied to you are for your use only and must not be disclosed to any other person

If your activation key isn't accepted ...

Please check out the bullet points on our Activation Key Problems page.